Guyandotte Civil War Days

November 4 - November 5

Downtown Guyandotte | 234 Guyan St

All day

On November 10th, 1861 the sleepy southern town of Guyandotte was firmly in Union hands. Confederate raiders struck suddenly and quickly, capturing the Garrison and returning the village to the dominion of the Stars and Bars. That conquest was short-lived, however. As the Confederates were leaving town the next morning with 110 Richmond-bound prisoners in tow, Union liberators returned and took vengeance on what they considered a “seesech" (secession) town. By nightfall, two-thirds of the village had been burned to the ground.

Today, the dirt roads are paved, modern buildings have replaced many of the burned out frames, and Guyandotte is a part of contemporary Huntington, West Virginia. Come see where history was made as the sights and sounds of the Civil War return the week of November 1st - 5th, 2017 as hundreds of re-enactors participate in "America's greatest street battle."

Genuine and reproduction period items available for purchase. Period music, living histories, museums, sutlers, crafts, displays and concessions.
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